Moving / by Izzi Ray

Well, it's official! I'm moving down to Orange County, California August 26th!!!!! I could not be more excited about this new adventure! God has clearly been preparing me for this for a long time, and with the release of my new record this is a perfect time to do it!

 I've been praying my guts out about this decision and everything seems to be lining up so smoothly, there have been lots of exciting new doors opening down in OC, God is so good and faithful and creative. This has been one of the hardest decisions to make though.. It's not easy to move away from where you grew up and live in a different state than your family. But I truly believe God has called me to pursue my music ministry/career and there are very few opportunities to do that up here. I will get to be in an environment where there are countless musicians that I can learn from and play with, and lots of beautiful godly friends and family members that will help me grow as I'm figuring all of this out. 

    This is an extremely exhilarating (but also scary) time. I would appreciate your prayers and support as I step out in faith into unknown, uncertain territory. I know without a doubt that God's hand is in this and that He will guide me through this next season.