Whoever said 'Youth is wasted on the young' hadn't met Izzi Ray.

At 23 Izzi, while still considered young and budding, has not only accomplished quite a lot, but also exemplifies wisdom beyond her years. From her lyrics to her diverse musical tastes (from Kendrick Lamar, Kimbra and Radiohead, to Jeff Buckley Ryan Adams and Emmylou Harris), she shows a true sense of balance between experience and the yet unknown.

Born in southern California, but raised in Northwest Montana, she began playing guitar, and subsequently writing songs, at the age of 11.  She maintains an authenticity in her writing, attributing her sense of sincerity to her songwriting philosophy, which has always been, "be nothing but honest and real". Her tasteful guitar playing and carefully crafted experimental melodies, have prevented her from being tied down to a specific genre.

It's already clear that Izzi has in innate knack for evolving.  Having released 3 full-length albums to date (her self-titled debut in 2012; Make Much of You in 2014 and Liminality in 2017) she shows with each of them a beautiful balance of strength and vulnerability, creativity and honesty and a clear ability to stand the test of time.
In particular, 2017's 'Liminality' is a refreshingly unique take on pop/R+B, yet still has the footprint of everything that inspires her in the details.

Moving forward, Izzi's optimistic outlook is a breath of much needed fresh air, "I believe that music connects people in a way that nothing else can, so I want to use my voice to create something authentic, that inspires, brings peace and is mentally challenging as well as engaging."

Izzi Ray's youth has clearly not been wasted.... rather it has paved the way for bigger, brighter things to come.

M A R E A  M U S I C