Let's Get Creative. / by Izzi Ray

We serve an extremely creative God, who created us to be extremely creative. He is so unique and infinite that no one can come close to "figuring Him out". We will never run out of attributes or characteristics of God to sing or write or talk about. But that is what's so beautiful about following Jesus, your whole life can be spent zealously seeking Him and you will never stop growing or run out of new things to learn.

     He has designed and given each one of us our own unique talents and gifts, custom made and one of a kind. It's such a wonderful thing to ponder, the fact that God put so much thought and time into creating us. I mean, He LOVES us, really truly loves us. 

That being said.. Why do so many of us bury our talents? Or when we use them, its only to a small percentage of their potential? Are we scared? Scared of what people will think and say? Or maybe we are so content using only a fraction of the gifts we have because everybody else is doing it that way too..  

     Men and Women, we do not need to force our creativity into a box so that we can be culturally relevant. God gave us our different gifts for a reason, and He doesn't need you to change your talent in order for Him to move and do a work among people. Copying someone breeds comparison, which breeds discontentment, which breeds bitterness. It isn't worth it and it isn't beneficial or necessary, and it so easily distracts and trips us up! it gets our minds thinking about ourselves. God transcends all trends, fads, genres, and cultural relevance. Even different nations and languages aren't obstacles for Him. 

   I'm pretty worn out on "cool" ministry and music. It's so not about that. It's about using our gifts, talents and passions to make much of Jesus' name. When we use what we have been given for God's glory, it's a sacrifice. It is worship. Whether it's music or not. It's worship. 

   I want to offer the best sacrifice I can! I want to give God my best and hardest work! He deserves it, and we are doing this for Him! It is terrifying to step out of your comfort zone and do what you feel Him calling you to do and what you have a passion for. You probably have already convinced yourself that no one will like it or it won't work.. That's how I felt. Then I read Hebrews 11:4 "By faith, Abel brought a better sacrifice to God than Cain." So I thought, 'oh I need to practice more and write better songs..'. Then I kept reading, "It was what he believed, not what he brought, that made the difference. Thats what God noticed and approved as righteous.  After all these centuries, that belief continues to catch our notice." 

   So in the end, it's not about what specific song we sing, it's about WHY we do what we do, and WHO we do it for. Let's all (myself very much included) step out in faith and do something different and crazy and unique and do it by FAITH that God is gonna use it to bring Himself glory!! that is why we are on this earth right..? :)

Let's do awesome, unique, creative, and exciting things, not for the sake of being cool or impressive, but for God because we love Him and He loves us.