Summer Cover Series / by Izzi Ray

Happy Friday!


I’m back with another cover to hopefully brighten your day! 

Just the title of this song alone screams summer. :) 

A huge part of my musical influence and inspiration comes from women in the music industry who have fought so hard to pave the way for us baby artists. I’m so grateful for their fearlessness so that we can dream and grow (though we still have a long way to go to total freedom in music for women… I will save that for another blog.). 

So today’s summer cover is a song by the legendary Chaka Khan who I adore and admire. Duh. She is such a strong and talented powerhouse of a woman who has had a great influence (as well as many others female artists…) on my desire to work hard and grow my vocal capabilities. I grew up listening to this song in particular so It would have been a crime to not include it in this little series. I hope you are staying cool and I hope you enjoy!! 


May this video be as refreshing as standing in front of the AC unit… Here is THROUGH THE FIRE


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