This is the third installment of my STORY BEHIND THE SONG series, where I shed light on the writing and recording process and the heart behind each song on my record! 

Today I wanted to share the story behind one of my favorites, Ezekiel 16. This song is dark and dirty on the edges but has the most beautiful story of mercy and redemption. 



Most of the musical and melodic inspiration came from listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley's record "Grace". His poetic style of story telling and raw emotional vocals was unlike anything I've ever heard. 

Reading through Ezekiel one night, chapter 16 stopped me in my tracks. the intense story hit me really hard, and the beauty of the mercy that God shows us despite how unfaithful we always are was so powerful. (I strongly encourage you to pause and go read it) Inspiration struck. I wrote the chapter out in my own words and put it to music. It came together so effortlessly I knew this was an important story I was supposed to tell. 

There is an unfaithful bride in all of us to some degree, and I think this story is such an important reminder of how unworthy we are of his mercy and love that He showers us with when our human nature just wants to run away again. I'm incredibly grateful.


We recorded this song in two parts. First, we all went to the studio and recorded it live to get the foundation. Then a couple months later, when I was doing all the final vocals in Montana, we ran my vocal mic through an amp and a memory man to give it some cool texture and I gathered every ounce of emotion I had bottled up and let it out into this vocal. It was so challenging and fun to push myself to try something different and out of my comfort zone and I would encourage you all to try something outside the box because it is so exciting when you do! 

We recently filmed a live video for Ezekiel 16. Check it out and share it with someone who needs to hear this story. 

Thank you for your love and support!